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focused on the incredible beauty of nature. A company dedicated to preserving living trees by offering you an array of styles- live edge, straight edge, round and freeform- to sit around whether it be for meals, meetings, display or any other purpose. Our wood slabs are one of the categories we’re best known for, and we have a sales force that knows how to help you shop for your very own one-of-a-kind piece. Our only restriction in size is the length of a shipping container! Let us help you find your perfect table. It’s what we do here at Phillips Collection.

Table Top Styles

Live Edge Table Top Style

Live Edge

Freeform Table Top Style


Round Table Top Style


Straight Edge Table Top Style

Straight Edge

Live Edge Dining Table

Live Edge

Live edge slabs are especially wonderful because no two pieces are ever the same. Characterized by the natural movement of the bark, we keep the original freeform outline intact, sand it down to ensure it is smooth, and finish it in a number of ways. All our slabs preserve the organic nooks of the wood, and we add butterflies where needed. Some slabs are dramatic in shape, while others are more mild and quite close to a straight edge with just the right amount of natural curves.
Freeform Dining Table


The most unique and one-of-a-kind table top is the freeform table. These slabs are true pieces of art and we guarantee they’ll be both focal points in a space as well as a frequent topic of conversation for your guests. This form is the truest representation of Nature’s miraculous art, brought to you by skilled craftsmen so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Functional and stunning, we cherish the natural markings rather than hide them. Much like selecting fine art, you get a piece that is 100% your own and unlike any other.
Round Dining Table


Some trees are best harvested with horizontal cuts, allowing us to offer your round table tops with beautiful visible grains. Available in various sizes and finishes, let us help you find the piece that best suits your needs!
Straight Edge Dining Table

Straight Edge

A straight edge table top is rectangular in shape, yet the undulating grains of the woods we source maintain the unique character of each slab. Vertical cuts of responsibly harvested trees from Southeast Asia, these slabs are available in various sizes to meet your needs.

Available Wood Species
& Finishes

We offer a variety of wood species and finishes for our furnishings. Please take a look at the available options below.
Table Legs

Leg Options

In addition to offering variations in dining table cuts, we also bring you a beautiful selection of leg options. From the classic wood base, to our simple U shaped leg available in several finishes, to more wow-worthy high design shapes! Match a slab to your ideal base and get the table you’ve been dreaming of.
Table Legs Table Legs Table Legs Table Legs Table Legs

U Leg Dining Table

Available in
Wood Table Legs Wood Table Legs Wood Table Legs

Wood Dining Table Legs

Available in
Bangle Table Legs Bangle Table Legs Bangle Table Legs

Bangle Table Base

Available in
Polished Acrylic Table Legs

Polished Acrylic Dining Legs

Available in
Trident Table Legs

Trident Dining Table Legs

Available in