A plethora of wood species and cuts encompass our offering of Origins coffee tables. Tree trunks, roots, slabs, and off-cuts are re-imagined as functional surfaces. Here we are able to treasure the beauty of the prized teak wood root, without taking down new trees. Tamarind, chamcha, lychee and makha trees are also among the woods in this collection. Burl wood, often used on the interiors of high-end cars, is put on metal legs so that it can be a part of your client’s room. No, that does not make you better than anyone else, it just means you have a piece to not only enjoy but to also treasure.

Available Wood Species
& Finishes

We offer a variety of wood species and finishes for our furnishings. Please take a look at the available options below.

Available Styles

Bleached Teak Coffee Table

Bleached Teak Coffee Tables

Teak is beautiful unchanged in its natural form, but when bleached to a silvery cream color, the wood takes on a whole new look. Our bleached teak coffee tables provide a neutral complement to any space. In staying true to our core beliefs about what woods and the parts of the tree with harvest, these unearthed roots are purposefully cut by skilled craftsmen to bring you the most extraordinary and unique offerings.
Colossal Chamcha Slice Coffee Table

Colossal Chamcha Slice

These beautiful, thick cuts of golden acacia trees make for dramatic and eye-catching coffee tables. Chunky and often large in scale, these make for perfect selections for grand spaces looking for strong focal points.
Burled Wood Coffee Table

Burled Wood Coffee Tables

Our Burled Wood coffee tables are cut from extraordinary irregularly shaped trunks, with the burl exterior intact. Each piece has unique characteristics due to the unpredictable nature of how the burl envelopes the tree it’s found on. What’s most interesting is how any species of wood can have a burled edge. These tables are functional art that speak for themselves.
Burnt Edge Coffee Table

Burnt Edge Coffee Tables

Exceptional cross sections of different wood species are carefully chosen before we add a burnt edge. Adding this matte black finish to the exterior of the piece creates a sharp contrast of color, which only enhances the natural beauty of the piece itself.
Tamarind Coffee Table

Tamarind Coffee Tables

We love the variations of color in Tamarind wood and cherish the rich grain pattern. Some pieces are a pale yellow, while others are a dark shade of purplish-brown. For our coffee tables, we use various cuts and finishes to bring you the most remarkable offerings.